Warfare, Battlefields, and Training Grounds

Over the past 20 years many of us have become far to familiar with these arenas…these venues of combat. They are not exclusive to our generations, but concepts that pass through the millennia. Paul refers to warfare in Ephesians 6 speaking of spiritual warfare and the fight of good and evil, light and darkness. This spiritual warfare has been going on ever sense Lucifer was cast out of heaven, and he has been waging war ever since.

This spiritual war manifest itself everyday on this earth. We walk the battlefields of this war in our everyday walk. We fight in these battles with our daily actions, choices, and words we use. We are either advancing or retreating, but never are we neutral in this war. Now every warrior that has dawned the uniform or athlete that has stepped into the arena, knows that victories are achieved on the training grounds. When it's time to kick down doors, pull pitch, or get busy…your body will revert back to the level of training it has been subject to.

So if we are in a spiritual war, with the battlefield manifesting in our everyday life, then where are the training grounds??? It’s our mind gentlemen. The training ground for your actions, choices, and words you will use is your mind! We must train our minds to react in the ways of the Lord. And no one give you more advice than yourself, so you must become your best ally.

You have the ultimate trainer - The holy spirit

You have the greatest play book - The Bible

You have the most powerful Commander - God Almighty

So start training the mind for victory! Double-tap the bad thoughts y capturing them and casting. Them down. Dwell on the good thoughts and envision yourself overcoming those struggles that plague your days. Visualize yourself not acting out in anger and keep the cool head. Take pride in your thoughts as you turn away from lustful things an dwell on the Lord's love.

The training ground of the mind is where we will achieve victory!

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