This is The Way

Happy New Year

In this coming new year we want to wish you peace, courage, faith, success, happiness, joy, contentment and all of God’s blessings.

We want to say we feel so honored that you would spend your resources and time with us as we endeavor to do our part in the kingdom, however small or large that may be.

I want to encourage you today that God has a plan! He originally intended for us to be kings and priests here on this earth. The definition of a priest is "one especially consecrated to the service of God through worship, prayer, sacrifice, or other service. And we all know what a king is and does. Essentially, God wants us to take care of the earth and to administer his righteousness, goodness and peace on the earth.

He showed us this original intention through Adam & Eve. Then he established the “how” through Abraham and his bloodline. Along the way there is this little run in with a man name Melchizedek, which is actually really key. We saw Moses and Aaron give it a go and the levites establish the priestly line and service in the temple. And finally King David was given a promise that through his bloodline would come the one who would rule forever. All these flawed individuals showed us the potential of doing it God’s way but all managed to let their own way, get in the way.

BUT, it is after the example of Melchizedek, King & Priest, that Jesus would come to administer “the way” (Heb.7). He would also give us access back directly with the father through His death and resurrection and in turn re-commission us, mankind, as kings and priests to inhabit and rule over the earth.

It is our heart today that you would find your rightful place in 2022 as an heir of God’s kingdom. That you would co-lead your families and businesses and churches with Christ! And that you would fill, inhabit and take care of this place He gave us to live. And may you do that all in the name of justice & peace, after Jesus’ example and with the blessing & favor of our great God!

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