What Game are you Playing?

In today’s session we will parallel the stories of Job and Solomon, and how the Lord revealed truth in their lives. These two wise men of the Old Testament were separated by 1000 years, their stories diverging one from another, yet both discovered the same truth about this life on earth.

Job was a faithful man of God, however, the Devil ridiculed Jobs faith stating its due to the blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon him. So the Lord gave the Devil permission to test Job’s faith. Job’s life trajectory began southward, losing land, livestock, family, and even his health. Yet he continued to have faith in his Lord.

Let’s parallel this story to the one of King Solomon, who reigned after the great King David. Solomon was known as the wisest of all Kings, and he was blessed with wealth, prosperity, and peace through Israel. He began to search the ends of the earth to obtain all of the most precious and fulfilling objects. It’s at this point where both wise men reveal their discoveries; Job in the pits of despair and King Solomon with all the wealth in the world…Both discover that the only thing worth any value in this world is the knowledge of God and following his commandments.

So I ask this week, what game are you playing? What is the goal you are seeking? You might be chasing the the wealth of Solomon or feel like you are being driven to your knees like Job…but the only thing worth living for, the only true comfort that exist is the Lord Himself!

So play the Game the Lord has for you and seek His presence…there you will find the wisdom the Lord bestowed upon Job and Solomon.

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