Resolution Roots

I am not much of a believer in resolutions because I think that God is constantly working on us to resolve our stuff. That being said, there is something mentally refreshing about looking forward to a new year, a clean slate, new opportunities.....

I was thinking about all of the bad habits I have and the good habits I would like to have. If I put them all on a list and start counting, it might actually bring me down a bit. Why do I have such a hard time achieving the level of discipline I am looking for? Why are there so many things that seem unachievable on that list?

I learned a long time ago while attending Celebrate Recovery at Sun Valley Community Church, that all of those habits, or the lack thereof, are only a symptom of a deeper issue. No matter how many of those bad habits I tried to kick, or good ones I tried to create, that underlying issue was still there, and I would constantly fail.

Then of course the guilt and condemnation of failure would kick in, causing me to feel even worse than I did before I started. It's an endless cycle that I am sure many can relate to.

If you are going to work on a habit or create a resolution this year, I would encourage it to be something like this, "I want to get in the word daily", or "I am going to work on developing closer relationships with my brothers and family".

Instead of trying to overcome the habit, create some new habits that are not really to difficult and that help you identify the root cause of that habit. You might even find that by getting in the word every day, those habits start to disappear. You might find that your focus on building relationships is exactly what you needed to shine a light on something you could not see alone.

My resolution this year is to identify the root cause of my own particular control issues, and I can tell you that I won't be able to do that without help from my brothers. Iron sharpens Iron is not a catch phrase. It is truth and essential to our success in finding and fulfilling our mission, without a bunch of stuff holding us back.

Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord. Lamentations 3:40 NIV

It's a new year. A fresh start. Keep on going with us here as we build each other and prepare for that inevitable fight. Happy New Year.

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