Q and A Time

Let’s get to sharpening!

Last week I spoke about the ABC’s of transformation; Alter, Build, and Create. I have to report back to you all, that “Alter” as been powerful this week. I have altered my morning schedule to take the first 15 minutes and spend it in prayer with the Lord…and it’s literally changed my days.

I would also like to give a shout out to my man Aaron Oaks, a former Apache pilot of mine that is now flying around Cameroon delivering bibles. He posted his ABC’s for 2022, which encouraged me to expand mine. One for Aaron’s ABC’s was to put more scripture to memory, so I followed suit and tried to add more scripture to my memory bank; again producing good fruit this week.

So this interaction between Aaron and myself got me to thinking, isn’t this what a sparring session should be about…sharpening each other? So this week I would like to do something a little different, I would like to begin sharpening each other and increase the interaction we have here in Iron Edge.

So, is there a question that has been nagging you that you would like some insight on from a fellow warrior in Christ? Or do you have a friend that might b struggling with an addiction and you are not sure how to confront, help, and support? What about scripture…is there a verse that just doesn’t make sense to you, or two verses you see are contradictory???

Go ahead and post those questions below and let's get to sharpening. I will filled one of the questions and garnering information from the team. We will report our findings, thoughts, contradictions, and suggestions on next weeks Sparring Session.

Let’s get after it this year gentlemen…and begin sharpening those edges!


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