It’s time to bust out!

Over the past few weeks I have had a major revelation about myself… I’ve been playing the victim! This is so hard to admit but what I’ve realized is that as men, we often hide behind the cloak of grittiness to not show our cloak of victimhood.

We can easily get behind a cause, stand for freedom, protect our families, and all that is good. Meanwhile, in our heads we believe things like… I’m not good enough, I’m nothing or a nobody, I can’t change the world, I’m not that smart, I wasn’t a good student, I didn’t graduate college, I don’t care if anybody likes me, etc. etc. etc.

Now I am not saying that grit and determination are bad things, in fact I am about to say quite the opposite. Once you determine not to think backward you will find the grit to move forward.

My revelation came from reading the books of Samuel in my morning Bible time and then confirmed again by reading Hero on a Mission by Donald Miller and Grow Over It by Amanda Conner, both of which are new releases in the last few weeks. The example in the book of Samuel is the one I want you to pay attention to today but I highly recommend you grab a copy of the aforementioned books and read them! Anyway, it would be easy to pin the victim mindset on Saul, and yes he never got out of playing the victim, but David is the one we can relate to in this scenario. He was strong & he became king but he was flawed and he failed whenever he lost the battle in his mind.

Now, I wasn’t playing the victim out loud, and many would probably say of me there’s no way he’s a victim. In fact I’ve confessed out loud that I am not a victim nor do I have a victim mindset. I’ve worked hard and lived well but the battle between the ears had wore me down and caused some stinkin thinkin to creep in!

Now that I’ve been made aware of this I’ve done two things to bust out of that mindset… I ask God for help and I’ve written down that every day I will not allow any victim mentalities in my mind nor will I look backward. If you are even remotely in the same boat as I was please do these things today! And I’ll leave you with a scripture that has kept me since my youth…

Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

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