Healing through Service

Join Pete and Shad as we discuss the correlation between service and our mental health.

Listen to the podcast or watch the video below.

Join us as we discuss Aaron's journey to faith and how he is working to direct those hurting toward fulfilling their new mission in Christ.

In 2015 God had been calling Sgt Q to share the healing he had found on the mission field with his fellow warriors. He had ignored this calling until he had a close friend and fellow Marine go off the grid and feared that he would become part of the 22 veterans that commit suicide every day in America.

Sgt Q prayed that his Marine would not become a statistic and that Sgt Royers death need not need to be the catalyst for his ministry. 6 months later Sgt Q led his first team of veterans on Operation Restore Hope.

Sgt Royer is still with us and Sgt Q has made it his life’s mission to bring veterans to the mission field to promote healing thru a comprehensive spirit filled process. He partners with Homes of Hope a ywam ministry and Semper Fi Fund to accomplish this mission.

” Being a Marine and being a missionary are very similar. 1. You are still working long hours for little pay. 2. You are going to dangerous places most people would never consider going. 3. Everywhere you go there is a certain part of the population that wants to cut your head off. The needed skillset is the same but the mission has changed. We are not going to kill people and destroy buildings, we are going to save souls and build infrastructure.” -Sgt Q


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