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Too often, we fall into the trap of ignoring our calling because we think that it has to be done through a Christian organization. We spend our time seeking out opportunities that are done through churches or mission groups. We feel that we are not doing "Gods work" unless it has the blessing of a pastor or minister, or is structured under a hierarchy of some kind.

What if I told you that your daily grind provides multiple opportunities to serve. The mentality that our service or mission must be branded as Christian is misguided. I have spoken to so many men that are in despair, because they feel that they are not fulfilling their mission. The same men have devoted their lives to Law Enforcement, Military Service, Business Development, and a number of other careers, that all provide products and services that make our lives easier.

Most Christ followers work in vocations or careers that are honorable. You typically wont find too many Christian porn producers or abortion clinic managers in the United States. We strive to do something that is productive and yes sometimes, we do what we have to, including what might be considered menial labor. It should not surprise you, but our entire way of life, including our capitalist system was built on Judeo Christian morals, derived from the word of God, regardless of the current push to paint Jesus as a socialist.

Although men have consistently used the freedoms we enjoy to exploit people and obtain wealth, it does not change the principles that our system is based on. Work hard, prosper, provide opportunity for others to prosper, give charitably, and reach the point where we are able to thrive instead of struggling to survive. God promised us life and life more abundantly, and that includes while we are here in this world.

Many people do not have the luxury of contemplating their personal belief system like we do. Their thoughts from the time they wake, to the time they sleep, are on where the next meal will come from. Although God can reach us at our lowest point (and that is what it takes sometimes), survival mode is typically not the best time to make life changing decisions. You are influenced by your environment and yes, many would say yes to Jesus in the moment, especially if there is a bowl of food on the line.

Working in the current system, with the freedom that it affords, is the perfect opportunity to use it to serve others. What if you are already carrying out your mission every day when you go to work? I am not saying that God does not want you to serve the church, or go on a mission trip, or provide disaster relief when its needed. But the idea that we have to do something that is branded as a ministry, and only through the authority of a faith based organization is false.

We are all called to the mission field. The great commission is not reserved only for those that label themselves as missionaries. To reach the unreached, we must look for the opportunities that God presents us with on a daily basis, and right where we are currently planted. Does God have more for you to do? Absolutely. The day we become comfortable with our mission is the day we need to get uncomfortable and either expand our sphere of influence or move on to the next venture.

We also must not limit our thinking when it comes to serving. Serving is not reserved only for those that preach the gospel. There is only one enemy out there and he is constantly working all the angles in order to kill, steal, and destroy. His goal is to destroy the unreached before they make a choice, and yes that includes inflicting physical and mental harm. If he can get someone to reach a point of taking their own life, or the life of someone else before they make the decision to follow Christ, he has won.

As you go about your daily work, look for opportunities. Don't limit yourself to just speaking about Christ (although that is extremely important). If you are in Law Enforcement, every potential murderer you lock up is an opportunity for a potential victim to live long enough to carry out their own mission. If you are in Military Service, every life you protect is an opportunity to show those that have never had an example of Christian values a better path. If you are in business, every sale you make with integrity, is an opportunity to prove to your colleagues that you don't have to conform to succeed.

There are so many ways that we can serve and fulfill our mission right where we are currently planted in life. The opportunities are endless, and they don't require going to seminary or even speaking out loud.

Fulfill your mission. Keep your head on a swivel. Every single moment of your life is an opportunity to serve and shine a light on the truth. Grow where you are planted.

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