Fear God - Find Joy

I don't know how many of you are like me, but I have a hard time understanding people who have joy all the time. I have a hard time being around them because honestly, they shine a light on my lack of joy.

I don't like manufactured feelings. I hate feeling fake. So often that means I take on the weight of the world and wallow in it. It makes me difficult to deal with and grumpy, especially toward my family.

But I think David hit it on the head in Psalms 128: 1-6 when he gave us a formula for Joy and overall, blessing in our lives.

How joyful are those who fear the Lord— all who follow his ways! You will enjoy the fruit of your labor. How joyful and prosperous you will be!

Your wife will be like a fruitful grapevine, flourishing within your home. Your children will be like vigorous young olive trees as they sit around your table.

That is the Lord’s blessing for those who fear him. May the Lord continually bless you from Zion. May you see Jerusalem prosper as long as you live. May you live to enjoy your grandchildren. May Israel have peace!

I think we individually and as a nation need to discover the Fear of the Lord again. Our great and mighty God has a plan. He sees everything outside of time and space. It's time to stop fearing the things of this world and put our trust in him.

Then we can find peace, prosperity, blessing, and joy. Fear God, be Happy.

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