Action Listening Not Active Listening

Hearing the voice of God in our life is more than just listening. It's more than going through the motion of acting the Christian part. As a matter of fact, if we were to analyze the world's’ view of what a Christian is currently, we might find that it does not line up with the example that Christ gave us over the very short period of time He was in the spotlight.

We must become active in the way we take the word in and move based on it. Instead of viewing it as an instruction manual, we should use it more like an operations plan. Something that has an end state, directives, implied and specific tasks for each of us to do to fulfill that plan. Every time we open it, we should be looking for the tasks that have been set before us for that day, month, year, and beyond. There are numerous examples and stories of how to complete those tasks as well as.

It is interesting that Jesus used parables to teach. If you step back into His shoes, and put yourself at that specific time and place, His words were not yet written. He was attempting to provide a picture of the entire plan and make it relatable to that time and place. He wanted it to stick so that others would take action based on the information He was giving them. It was not meant to be story time before taking a nap. His words are directives that require action to fulfill that mission.

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