ABC's of Transformation

Welcome to 2022!!! I believe this year will be a year of growth and transformation the Iron Edge…and the men and Captains involved in the Chapters. To aid our growth, I have developed the A-B-C’s of Transformation:

A = Alter

B = Build

C = Create

Alter: This is referring to your schedule; “how can you alter your schedule to increase spiritual growth?” These are not large changes, but simple alterations to your current schedule.

Build: What is feeding you spiritually right now, and how can you build upon it?

Create: The Creator has created us to create with in His creation! He has given you certain gift, talents, and abilities empowering you to create something new that will draw people to God and Glorify the Lord.

I encourage each team member and Captain to write down their Spiritual ABC’s of Transformation and share it with the team. Make it a point once a month to reach out and discuss how your ABC’s are coming along.

To start it off, here are mine:

A = I plan on altering my mornings schedule to spend the first 15 minutes in prayer with the Lord.

B = I will build upon my spiritual foundation thorough service at my local church in the Men’ ministry and Security.

C = I will write a book this year. It will either be the “Dream Team” or “West of Jericho”.

Take this week to seek, pray, and contemplate what ABC’s the Lord may have for you.

Welcome to 2022…Let‘s do this!

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