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Every day, volunteer aid workers travel into extremely dangerous conflict areas delivering supplies to desperate Ukrainians as well as evacuation support for those that can no longer safely live in their homes. Although this effort is no longer in the main news cycle, it continues and will continue into the foreseeable future. 

We assessed the situation and determined the most efficient and effective way to support the Ukrainian people was to provide training and equipment to those supplying aid and evacuating at risk Ukrainians. Afterall, without them, there would be no humanitarian response (see our latest story in the news). 

Our group is blessed to have numerous current and ex military, law enforcement, and medical professionals in it. We developed a training curriculum specifically to address the threat to aid workers and provide them with the basic knowledge they need to transit in and out of a combat zone as safely as possible. 

We also put together "Go Bags" with essential survival equipment that we hand out to those that go through the training. The bags include things like Satellite Phones, Individual First Aid Kits, Tourniquets, Water Filtration, and more. 

This mission will continue long term and we are looking for long term support. We have already trained 198 aid drivers and handed out 65 bags. We have supported approximately 100,000 evacuations and because we are providing training, that number continues to grow. Tons of medical aid as well as food and supplies have been delivered by the aid workers we trained. 

We are here to equip and empower the aid workers and the church (who currently leads the humanitarian relief mission). By doing so we provide a long lasting and far reaching effect. The Ukrainian people are willing and able to help each other. They are fully capable of doing the mission. They just need the information necessary to keep going for as long as possible. 

Current needs include:

  • Communications equipment for drivers and aid coordinators.

  • Survival equipment for drivers going into the conflict areas.

  • Training for aid workers including combat first aid and secure convoy operations. 

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